~It’s situated in Tasmania (Australia).

~Name of the country: Skye

~Capital city: Leah

~Total surface of Skye: 90 758 km2

~Ground surface: 68 401 km2

~Water surface: 22 357 km2

~Maximum altitude: 1712 msnm

~Density: 6,58 hab/km2

~Population: 450.500 inhabitants


Diagrama ombrométrico Skye




Plant life in Skye takes place in three different areas: the tropical zone, the temperate zone and the desert zone. The first, with monsoon climate and high temperatures, has large deciduous forest. The temperate zone is characterized by  savannah temperate sclerophyll forests, temperate rain forests and alpine vegetation on the mountains of Skye. Along the eats coast of Australia and in Skye have developed large groups of pines, that occupied the second position, after eucalyptus, regarding plant.


In Skye wallabies are common, kangaroos 1 meter high, with nightlife and usually come closer to feed on lawn and some plants cultured in gardens. Also we can find pademelons, that are small kangaroos but less stylized, kangaroo-like overweight. One of the most frequent marsupial is the wombat, a species of giant rodent that grows to one meter in length and digging holes in the base of trees and under rocks to build their nest. The symbol of the island is the Tasmanian Devil, but today it is only found in wild forest areas in the western part of the island.


Human inhabitants of Skye is estimated to have begun between 42,000 and 48,000 years ago, possibly with the migration of people by land bridges and short sea-crossings from what is now South-East Asia.





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